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Test your alcohol consumption (only in Swedish)

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For this project, Swedish advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors wanted to team up with Fi. The online test has existed since 2002 but needed a new fresh look, better IA and super performance. One important factor was also to allow public access to the questionnaire by a 3rd party vendor such as alcohol researchers around the world, and portability across multiple platforms.

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Fi created an API (Application Programming Interface) which can be customizable by the client. You can read more about the technique on Kontain. The entire application is made in HTML, using Javascript and AJAX.

Fi built the Javascript and PHP framework from the ground up, which allowed the team to easily expand on the application, and embed it's components in 3rd party websites such as Facebook and blogs.

With a vastly diverse audience in mind Fi approached the design challenge by developing an instantly enjoyable and universally accessible look. In close collaboration with Forsman Bodenfors we achieved our goal of wrapping a serious topic into a playful and easy to use packaging to better help the user discover more about their personal drinking habits. For both us and hopefully most of the end users the result sometimes provided some eye opening insights.


A collection of components from Alkoholprofilen

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Release Date
September 14, 2009


First project that made it to print

This is the first project Fi has done that also made it in to the print world, see the beautiful advertising in Karl's Kontain post.

See the result here

How much is too much?

A lot of people at Fi were very surprised by their results thinking that the bar was set way to low on the drinking amount. However, the test aims at giving you some perspective on your drinking rather than giving you pointers and bans you from drinking at all. Maybe this is something for other countries to emulate?

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