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Delve into the SAS class experience; choose from 3 distinct class offerings.

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The purpose of the application is to heighten the awareness of the available classes (Economy, Economy Extra, and Business), highlight their differences, strengthen the SAS brand and promote online booking.

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The design is based on a table with the main features of each product presented in an iconic format. The visitor is immediately given an overview of the differences between each product.

The iconography presented us with the biggest design challenge; lots of specific information had to be translated into an icon. The icons are combinations of real-world objects with symbolic representations of specific features.

The principle behind the presentation is to capture three types of behavior: the product differences at a glance, a few clicks to investigate further, and the full-blown SAS product experience.


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February 28, 2008



The project was also received well by our community, read more on our blog.

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Bad-mouthing your clients is not always a bad thing, read more about how Fi and SAS got off to a rocky start. Video #5.

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