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The pen and paper version of the Crossword puzzle is timeless, easy to use and instantly recognizable. We have updated the familiar grid and introduced numerous enhancements for fun game play and interaction.

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Crossworders can race the clock, use hints when they get stuck, check their statistics and review past-played games in the archive going back thirty days; all to encourage frequent game play.

Of course, seasoned veterans have the option of disabling the help features to tackle the game the good-old-fashioned way. Players can see how they measure up to competitors, and also keep track of their own previous best efforts.

The first design character to represent the game was an owl, but the search for clues in crosswords made us drop the owl and replace it with a Sherlock Holmes style hat, pipe and magnifying glass icon.


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Road Runner

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September 1, 2006


Inspiration on Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes was a major source of inspiration for the look and feel of the game. Fi's designer spent a lot of time recreating an atmosphere resembling the turn of the 20th century.

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