Road Runner
Road Runner

In 2003, Road Runner was already providing high-class broadband connectivity across the US. Despite their success, they did not have a platform to attract, excite and engage with customers. Along came Fi.

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The Portal contains a vast amount of unique content across a broad range of topics. It was designed to carefully balance the brand's playful icon with the maturity of the site.

The site offers a high degree of user customization. Giving millions of users the freedom to easily customize content and their applications to suit individual tastes, created increased and return usage.

The site also has a number of fully integrated rich internet applications such maps, stocks, weather, horoscopes, radio and games, just to mention a few. Video is seamlessly implemented throughout.

We based our entire look and feel around the Road Runner brand, which has its primary visual foundation in the form of the famous speedy Loony Tunes cartoon character. The resulting visual style has a cartoony look and feel applied to many of the elements; this look is carefully balanced against a more mature and serious side of Road Runner to convey the major player it is amongst the biggest portals on the web.


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Road Runner

Release Date
December 29, 2003


Site of the Year

The Road Runner portal won the 2003 FWA Site of the Year award and the 2006 Flash Forward Technical Merit award. Road Runner was also the runner up for Adobe's 2003 Max award for Customer Facing Experience Category.


The portal was a major step for Fi, it was recently voted as the 2nd most influential flash site of the decade by The FWA audience and panel.

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