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Porsche first approached Fi with the goal of putting together the world’s best iPhone application that leveraged the devices capabilities, as well as their world-renowned automobiles. The result was the Porsche G-Force App that enabled users to track their the G-forces they experienced while driving in the high performance cars.

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The Process

The teams brainstormed to come up with the best use of the iPhone’s unique properties. Competing products from other car manufacturers calculated the G-forces in an entirely different way, providing a much less accurate experience for the end user. Fi proposed a solution that combined both the iPhones core locator along with the built-in accelerometer to deliver the most accurate results.

Along with measuring G-forces, the app stores a history to provide a record of the driver’s exploits. Also included is a news feed directly in the app for Porsche lovers. Fi included unique graphic details and polish that matches the sophisticated design Porsche is known for the world over.

The Technology

The project was developed over the course of four weeks using XCode and Objective C to develop. The designs were done in Photoshop. The Fi team was able to turn this project around quickly leveraging experience developing for the iPhone platform.

The Results

The final product mixed beautiful design with a functional application that truly serves a Porsche customer. The client was very happy not only with the features and the design, but the level of precision the application offered, that mirrored the brand values of Porsche. The app was also co-sponsored by Mobil 1, providing Porsche with additional advertising opportunities and allowing Mobil 1 to align itself with a great brand in Porsche and a great product in the Porsche G-Force App.


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Release Date
June 22, 2010

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