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The Porsche Drive+ Community Mobile App allows Porsche enthusiasts to capture and post an update with a single click and provides easy access to the near-complete functionality of the Contain web platform - from following friends’ activity and browsing new updates to commenting and updating their profile on the go.

The mobile app makes it easy for the Porsche Community users to quickly capture and post memorable moments as they happen. The full-screen Add Media menu lets users instantly snap a photo or video as well as select media from the phone’s existing library.

The Porsche Community mobile App seamlessly integrates with Facebook and Twitter. It allows users to automatically share their Porsche Community updates with their friends on other popular social networks. Facebook and Twitter indicators let the users know if their update is set to broadcast to other networks and give instant access to auto-post settings for each update.

The mobile app brings the Community to the phone so the Porsche enthusiasts can stay current on their friends’ updates and activity, post comments, find new users to follow and more!

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Fi designed a set of beautiful custom icons for the Porsche Community mobile App which make the app a pleasure to use and resonate the spirit of the Porsche brand.

The Result

This project was a great multi platform experience delivered for Porsche by Fi where the mobile app played the key part in bringing together the Porsche Community online.


A collection of components from Porsche Drive+ Community

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Release Date
February 7, 2012


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