Wii Fit (Teaser Site)
Wii Fit (Teaser Site)
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Are you fit? Why not check your balance and take the survey to find out.


The Wii Fit teaser site promotes Nintendo's next-generation game, "Wii Fit", allowing users to actively exercise during gameplay. How can we communicate such an innovative product to an alpha Mom audience?

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Providing a hint of what's to come in the full Microsite, the teaser offers a quick understanding of the product and carefully sets expectations for the upcoming product launch.

There are two main sections, the survey and information booklet. The survey adds a personal touch, providing fitness advice based on answers submitted by the user. The booklet is a tab based section with sleek transitions.

The design of the site had a humble yet straight forward approach. It reaches out to people across all age categories and skill levels, especially people who are not typically hardcore gamers.


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Release Date
April 7, 2008

After Effects
Flash 7

2000 mouse strokes

Our developer took the survey approximately 200 times; this means he moved his mouse across the table over 2000 times within a 24-hour period - talk about getting fit!

System error

The first time our youthful Business Director tried the game, Wii Fit rated his efforts on par with the strength of a 45-year-old; he blames it on a "system error".

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