Mario Kart (Teaser Site)
Mario Kart (Teaser Site)
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The teaser site had four objectives: to generate excitement for the launch of Mario Kart, introduce the Wii Wheel, promote the Mario Kart national tour and display the site across both the Wii browser and the web.

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The teaser site introduces fans to the new Wii Wheel, and offers info on events, where to buy the game, and photos related to the Mario Kart promotional tour, in an animated fashion.

To help generate some of the buzz, we created a facebook application and a downloadable Air widget. The widget provides an interactive peek of the game, the Wii Wheel and provides live RSS feeds for the national tour.

It was a rather cool design challenge to balance the visual legacy of the Mario Kart brand and the clean, mature aesthetics of the Wii branding. Onto the microsite however where the magic happens!


A collection of components from Mario Kart (Teaser Site)

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Release Date
April 3, 2008

Flash 7


Getting to play and experience Mario Kart on the Wii before the rest of the world was a dream come through for our CEO, David Martin, who grew up inspired by Nintendo and his favorite game of all time, Super Mario Kart.

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