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Nintendo and Fi required an interactive experience that showcased the title's new features and characters in an impressive manner. The site design set the bar which required a unique video approach to keep up.

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Aside from introducing the Wii Wheel via a 3D-based carousel, we enjoyed introducing the visitor to the new items and characters in particular via some cute animated interaction.

The microsite is fully equipped with language and tracking support as well as its very own Wii version. From downloads to widgets, we paid meticulous attention to each section; after all, Mario Kart really deserves it.

Designing we set out to raise the bar and really touch the soul of one of Nintendo's flagships. Happy with the result, we received a nice little thank you cake from our Nintendo friends.

Pretty neat, Mario Kart Wii allows players to race against each other through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This features online racing and battle modes, both of which are capable of up to twelve simultaneous competitors and keeping us up late!


A collection of components from Mario Kart

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Release Date
April 29, 2008

Flash 7
After Effects


Experiencing Mario Kart on the Wii before the rest of the world was a dream come through for our CEO, David Martin, whom grew up inspired by his favorite game of all time, Super Mario Kart.

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