Intimissimi engaged with Fi directly, seeking a romantic, mature website allowing each visitor to engage intimately with their products to increase exposure globally.

Project Screenshot

Like the canvas of a minimalist painter, we set out to showcase and compliment Intimissimi's highly stylized imagery, directing the users attention through a picture browser. Structurally, Fi employed a Mac OS X-dock like menu interface, allowing a visitor to view and pan each image.

Fi developed a "scrolling" function for the multimedia images to keep the entire site within frame. Considering Intimissimi's diverse audience, we decided on a graphical, grey scale iconography throughout to clearly indicate navigational points. To increase organic content distribution, customers can quickly generate wish lists and share with friends through a mail-able wardrobe feature.


A collection of components from Intimissimi

Project Icon


Release Date
February 25, 2009

Actionscript 3
Flash 9

Interesting Monitor Glance

As you can imagine, Fi Designers had to be mindful of their monitor displays when clients came to visit while working on Intimissimi.

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