Burton – Burton TV
Burton – Burton TV

As part of the burton.com site launch, Burton wanted to update their site video channel with a more sophisticated player using Fi’s video platform, FiV. Burton TV is a video showcase for their snowboard channels, products, community videos and for highlighting some of the snowboard super stars. Not only was the custom player a requirement, but Burton wanted the ability to be able to handle and play video content from their new Community Platform.

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With Burton's requirements established, Fi worked on a solution to extend the FiV player to integrate with the Community platform while creating the custom skinning and layout direction set by Burton.

By leveraging the platforms agile architecture Fi was able to quickly adapt to Burton's business needs resulting in a fast time to market. Burton TV offers the user a variety of ways to interact with the video content allowing them to search, drag and drop and save their favorites. Using the framework's dynamic skinning ability we were able to modify and accommodate the look and feel set by Burton aligned with their fresh redesign.

In order for the Burton content managers to easily update the platform, they utilized the FiV CMS which offers a highly intuitive interface for easy administration of the video content, components and advertisements.

In order to reduce maintenance and administration efforts the CMS was extended to enable Burton Content Managers to search and add existing media content from the Burton Community to the video platform.

The Result

The new and improved Burton TV player has attracted a lot of new hype around the Burton brand and offers a great format for the high quality editorial content they have to offer.


A collection of components from Burton – Burton TV

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Release Date
August 13, 2009

Flash 10
Flex 3

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