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AT&T Pogo Browser
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Project no longer available, see video for more information about Pogo

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Pogo reshapes the convention of the term 'web browser'. This new desktop application challenges the limits of 2D space by presenting a 3D browsing experience that is literally in a different dimension.

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Fi concepted, tested and designed features for Pogo, including visual tabbed browsing which allows the user to store and organize tabs as collections, including their history and search results.

Pogo also integrates dynamic bookmarking and customized homepage creation using Pogo's Springboard. Users further their browsing experience with Pogo's custom search feature which organizes results in a 3D format.

The Pogo product name and logo, as well its promotional microsite, was developed by Fi to complement the rebranding of at&t. Soothing Prussian blue and refined traditional browser elements embody this effort.


A collection of components from AT&T Pogo Browser

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April 5, 2008


Heightened knowledge

"Working on the at&t Pogo project was an amazing exercise in analyzing and shaping the user experience of web browsing from a different perspective."

Sci-Fi Double Bill

Creating a 3D environment without any previous benchmarks required some serious research, including a Saturday company double-feature of The Matrix and Minority Report.

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