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The Concept

Fi and Red Bull worked together to create an action-packed and connected online TV experience for Chrome users. Featuring 450 episodes from 15 shows, the Redbull.TV Chrome App lets users subscribe to all of the amazing content they love – from skiing and surfing to freeride mountainbiking.

The Channel

Channel your inner sports champion, from your Chrome browser

The Channel overview


Taking the subscription model to a new level, users can not only watch Redbull. TV shows and episodes, but they can also drag and drop all of the amazing content and create a custom channel with shows and episodes from specific genres or styles.

Components subscriptions

Components search and notifications

We created very sophisticated search and notifications features to connect users to all of the adrenaline pumping
content from Redbull.TV in a matter of seconds. Users can search content by what’s now showing, air date, season
and even episode number.

Search and notifications

Final Designs

Home page screenshot


Enjoy Redbull.TV from your Chrome browser, become part of the culture of action sports.

Tutorial screenshot


If you don’t know how to find the content you’re looking for, we’ll show you!

Shows screenshot


Watch the latest Redbull.TV shows, update your subscription, and relax.

Episodes screenshot


You can watch an episode that you missed, spend the day doing a marathon viewing of an entire season of your favorite Redbull.TV show.