Nickelodeon Kids' Choice awards 2012 Available on the App Store
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How Fi and Nickelodeon
Brought the Choice to the Kids

When the #1 entertainment brand for kids approached Fi looking for an iOS application to support the 25th anniversary of their annual Kids' Choice Awards, we jumped at the chance

to play with them. Fi shares a healthy appreciation for many of their core brand attributes — irreverent, playful, surprising and innovative — so the match was clearly made in digital heaven.

  • What the kids are watching

    Since its launch in 1979, Nickelodeon (aka Nick) has grown to become the most-watched television network by kids in the United States, and basic cable’s #1 network overall. For over a quarter century, they’ve hosted a star-studded event bringing kids closer to their favorite celebrities — The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, also known as the KCA’s.

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  • The biggest, baddest KCA's ever

    This year, the mission was clear: Make this the biggest, baddest, best KCA’s ever! To best support this, we needed to create a rich and intuitive multimedia content browsing experience, nested within a platform that allowed for voting, and live streaming of the event… But it had to be FUN for kids 8-12, and continue to be fun and engaging throughout the 8-week buildup to the event.

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The Concept

With Will Smith lined up as this year’s host, Nick wanted to create a cross-platform concept centered on a secret-agent theme. So we set out to make every kid feel like a special agent, and an integral part of the KCA Team.


Strategy & UX

No one knows kids like Nickelodeon, so when we dug into their extensive market data and research we confirmed our hunch: Kids love games, especially when there's a sense of accomplishment and collaborative payoff, shared with other players.  Now we knew that gamification of the app experience was critical to our core objectives, and we'd be looking to create a game that made every kid a super secret special agent. With the trademark green slime at the heart of the KCA experience, our approach revolved around a global kids effort to collect the most slime ever.


Three distinct app states for three different stages of the event timeline

Countdown to Event

A dynamic timer keeps users constantly aware of when the event starts.

Opening Sequence

An intuitive and familiar interface to launch the secret-agent experience.

User Profile

A custom Agent badge for each User

Photo ID

Add a photo to your badge
and represent!

magnifying glass


Your badge is your one-stop for all things related to your Agent status.

Spy Gadgets

The more gadgets you have, the more slime you can collect!


Designing for kids 8-12 is not something we do every day... But it didn't take long before we were seeing the world through our inner child's eyes.

  • Enter the secret lair
  • The iconic KCA blimp
  • Final design

Here Comes the Fun

News, photos, videos, special missions, voting and live event streaming: All critical components cohabiting a shared canvas conveying the secret agent theme.

Kids choice awards 2012
Multimedia browsing

Multimedia Browsing

Videos, pictures, all at your fingertips

Fresh content

Fresh Content

News updates from KCA HQ


Cool and Collectible

Creating items that were fun and cool was a no-brainer, but we had to figure out how to make them truly covetable — stuff kids will be stoked to earn and collect.

Iconic Design

Ever wondered how an icon gets created?  Many hours spent tweaking and refining a design at very high magnification is a major chunk of the work, but the concept itself is where an icon really lives or dies.  Without a well-formed concept, it's not likely to do its job effectively.

swipe the image to scroll
  • Glasses icon

    Slime-Finder Sunglasses

    Slide on these green sunnies
    and keep slime hunting!

  • Camera icon

    Spy Camera

    Start shooting some covert slime pics with this super spy device.

  • Watch icon

    Secret Slime Radar

    Strap this onto your wrist and get a better visual of the slime.

  • Vacuum icon

    Power Vac

    Slime-sucking attachments help reach your goal even faster!

  • Big blimp icon


    Take your blimp boarding pass and scoop up slime from the sky.

Featured apps


We’ve become so well-known for our HTML5 and web development, it’s worth mentioning our strong and growing mobile development Teams, fluent in several mobile platforms. This application was written for iOS in native Objective-C, and is fully compatible with iOS 4 and up.

Slime your friend!
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When two organizations at the top of their game unite with a common goal, that's when the magic happens, and Fi is very proud to call Nickelodeon a close and trusted creative partner.  Based on the usage data, glowing reviews, and five-star ratings, it's clear we hit the mark.  Now bring on the slime!

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