Fi Iconography

A selection of FI icons created from 2006 to present day.

Why icons?

Icons are a quick, visual method for expressing ideas and communicating information. Iconography as a visual language serves us every day, helping to solve specific UX and design challenges in a succinct and effective manner.

Why now?

Throughout our history, Fi has been known for creating clean, seamless design, punctuated by striking and effective iconography. We felt it was high time to give this work the Fi case study treatment. Please enjoy this compilation of our greatest hits.

Settings Icons

Fi collaborated with Sony to create high-fidelity 3D iconography to be used across their multiple product lines.

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Icons For Cannes Heatmap app

The Webby-winning Cannes Heatmap app quickly
routed festival-goers to the hottest scenes with help
from this icon set.

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Icons for Google Ramayana

After the Ramayana site helped introduce Chrome in Asia, Fi created these icons to be used in our global educational presentations about this extensive project.

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Scrabble Game rack

Creating digital analogs of the classic wooden tiles from the board game spelled F-U-N for the design team.

Kids' Choice Awards app

Every user was dubbed a ‘Special Agent,’ so naturally they needed special gadgets and achievements. These icons equipped them nicely.

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Celebrate human rights

Symbolizing hope and growth for the future, cake and candles were a simple way to bring awareness to a cause-worthy push that affects millions on an international level.

For the redesign of the gaming giant’s primary website, we created a set of specific pictograms for its new media homepage.

Google+ brand pages

The most respected source in social media news asked us to envision how G+ Brand Pages could accommodate huge brands. Naturally the iconic Coke can and Starbucks cup were at the heart of the design.

The evolution of the coffee cup

The evolution of the coke can


Kontain was launched as a reimagined approach towards visual communication. Clean, intuitive icons enhanced the experience for hundreds of thousands of users.

SAS Travel class icons

We created detailed iconography representing real-world objects to
better differentiate the seat class comparisons during the online
booking experience.

Messages for Japan

We created three flat icons for the site’s navigation indicating the types of available engagement: read, write and browse.

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My Chrome Theme

For the launch of the My Chrome Theme browser extension, these icons communicated the customization capabilities offered to the user.

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Madden Ultimate Team

This deep icon set was created to delight both football fans and gamers alike, mixing nostalgia and sheer love of the game.

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The evolution of the "Rare Cards"

Yeah, we made a lot of icons for this project.

Getting started
Name your team
Returning user
Start an auction
Manage your teams
Get your cards

The evolution of the box

The final result


Attacking team

Exciting Auctions

Desigual site icons

The international casual clothing brand asked us to create simple iconic illustrations for the press section of
their website.

Kontain UI icons

Our social sharing platform needed an icon set for brand identification and ease of use.

Civil War infographics

To mark the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, we created an icon set to help navigate the data-rich infographics throughout The History Channel’s commemorative website.

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The FWA Theater

For the beloved industry institution that is FWA, we created an icon set to help categorize work, submitted by motion designers, into popular video genres.

Chrome store images

These icons were created for the featured collection of apps curated by Google and presented in the Chrome Web Store.

Internal use

We use icons internally too. Here are just a few.

We love documents

Google's Think Insights website features loads of information
and plenty of documents. We created icons representing the familiar PDF form factor for
easy navigation.

Promega Product icons

This biotech giant needed intuitive icons displayed on its online shopping experience for easy user flow.

Bamboo Dock Interface

Catering to a very creative audience, we designed the icons for the Bamboo dock interface to be fun and colorful.

Internal use

Here’s a set of flat vector-based icons that were used once upon a time as part of video assets and collaboration.

Bamboo Beach App

To complement this interactive drawing game’s warm look and feel, we created icons to match the brand’s playful and creative messaging.

Fi Video

For our own video solutions site, we created icons geared towards quick and easy functionality.

Fi site icons

Here is an extensive collection of icons that represent just some of the projects we have worked on.

Thank you! From Fi with love

  • Ramayana


    Fi and OgilvyOne launched Chrome in Asia with an interactive retelling of the epic tale of Ramayana.


    iPad App tapped Fi to produce a one-stop-shop for the latest Broadway buzz, information and pictures.

  • Nickelodeon

    iPad App

    Fi and Nickelodeon brought the choice to the kids in this slimy iPad app.