Ducati Community

Mobile App

The Ducati Community is a next-generation social community platform, powered by Contain. The mobile app works in parallel, and fuels the online experience, enabling users to post updates in real time, and follow what others are doing on the go.

Command center

The Ducati Community app dashboard allows the user to capture and post an update with a single click, and provides easy access to the near-complete functionality of the web platform - from following friends’ activity and browsing new updates, to commenting, and updating their profile on the go - all through an attractively intuitive interface.

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Facebook / Twitter

Seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter allows users to automatically share their Ducati Community updates with their friends on other popular social networks.


Invite your friends

Built-in invite functionality allows users to tell their friends about the Community by emailing them an invitation on the go.

Post It!

The ability to quickly capture and post memorable moments as they happen is an integral part of the mobile experience. The full-screen Add Media menu lets users instantly snap a photo or video, as well as select media from the phone’s existing library.

Tap Post icon
Tap the "Post" icon
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Adding an image
Take a picture

1. Pick media source

Jump to camera mode to capture a photo or video, or browse your phone’s media library.

2. Add photos & videos

Go with one photo or video clip, or add up to four more and preview them instantly before uploading.

3. Name your post

You can quickly add a title to your post, or leave it blank to display the time stamp of the update.

4. Finish line!

With on-the-fly media optimization, your content is visible to the Community within seconds!


Facebook and Twitter indicators let the users know if their update is set to broadcast to other networks, and give instant access to autopost settings for each update.

Phone indicators Indicators detail
Not connectedConnected

Community in your hand

The mobile app brings the Community to the phone so users can stay current on what’s new.

View your friends’ updates and activity, post comments, find new users to follow, and more - the full features of the online platform are with you wherever you go!

Community features

Browse Updates

Users can view the latest posts of the people they follow and the Community at large.

Comment on the go

Users are able to view others’ comments and stay in the conversation on the go.

View friends’ activity

Keep your finger on the pulse of the community with the latest activity feeds.


Beatiful custom-designed icons make the app a pleasure to use, and resonate the spirit of the Ducati brand.



User interface elements were designed with great attention to detail and focus on aesthetics that are consistent with the Ducati brand.

User interface componentes
User interface details

It’s time to post!

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