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60 Minutes

A Chrome Application

Fi and CBSNews.com worked together to create an elegant and visually rich online news and entertainment experience for Chrome users.

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Present rich and engaging content

Using HTML5, CSS3 and transitions, Fi built an app that allows Chrome users to access, watch and browse broadcast and online news content from 60 MINUTES in a way that’s richly engaging, informative and entertaining. The 60 MINUTES Chrome app features hard-hitting investigative reports, exclusive interviews, news segments and profiles from 60 MINUTES broadcasts, plus new original content from the 60 MINUTES online series 60MinutesOvertime.com.

Magazine cover style navigation of 3 weekly segments
Video Segments

Since 1968, CBS 60 MINUTES has carried a reputation for broadcasting the most informative and in-depth news coverage from around the world. Now, America’s #1 one news program can be viewed via the Chrome App.


We wanted to make 60 MINUTES news content easy to access, fun to watch and connected to users’ preferences and interests. We pushed the limits of web app performance by incorporating mobile app best practices into the user experience and interaction.

Using the latest technologies, including HTML5, CSS3 as well as background page loading, we were able to engage with users via intelligent rich push notifications even when the user isn’t using the app.

The Details

Using shading, gradient overlays and shadows, we adapted the iconic 60 MINUTES stopwatch for a new digital environment.

Design Details
Proposed Large Icon Design Initial Icon Design
Components Breakdown

We created a complete CBS 60 MINUTES style framework and styled icons to translate the
60 MINUTES broadcast experience to the Chrome store.

User interface components
Static Hover Clicked
Thumbnail Hover State Previously Viewed Hover State Previously Viewed Ribbon
The Result
To watch CBS 60 MINUTES is an experience unlike any other. The news program’s deep journalistic roots and ethics have made it one of the most respected and trusted news sources around the world.
The CBS 60 MINUTES Chrome app simply adds to the overall news experience, by allowing users to access, view and sort through new and archived footage in one place.
Final Designs
Site Screenshots

The home page displays three main news segments from the latest 60 MINUTES broadcast, where users can watch the segments or explore related content such as previous segments, correspondents and 60MinutesOvertime.com.

Users can enjoy a full screen viewing experiencing when watching 60 MINUTES via the Chrome App. Plus, they can grab related videos and news materials from the expandable side panel. It’s news in your hands, literally.

The main menu lets users navigate in and around both current and archived 60 MINUTES broadcasts, or narrow their choices according to sub categories.

We created an option that lets users browse video segments and additional material according to their favorite correspondent. This lets passionate and lifelong CBS 60 MINUTES viewers enjoy the experience even more.